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Function Description

Send a message to the chat

Required Permissions

Requires the user to grant publish_share Permissions(In the OAuth2.0Authorization process,UsescopeParameter specify).

Request method

POST  https://api.renren.com/v2/share/talk/put

Authentication parameters

Used AccessToken as the basis for certification support BearerToken and MAC Token two kinds AccessToken types

Refer toBearer Token use instructionandMAC Token use instruction

Name Type Required? Description
access_token String true Token obtained after OAuth2.0 authentication

Request parameters

All parameters are required to be URL encoded, the encoding observe RFC 1738

Name Type Required? Description
access_token String true obtained after OAuth2.0 authorization verification
text String false Text
packageName String false package name
gameExtInfo GameShareType false Extended Information
headSrc String false Small map
longitude String false poi longitude
messageType MessageType true Message type
resourceTitle String ture Graphic mixed text title typesetting
latitude String false poi Latitude
discussIds String false Send discussion groups object, split the string by"," such as "123,123,123" (not yet open)
poiAddress String false poi address
originalSrc String false Big Picture
groupIds String false Send group object, split the string by "," such as "123,123,123" (not yet open)
scheme String false package name used by ios
userIds String false Send user object, split the string by "," such as "123,123,123" (not yet open)
resourceDescription String false Photo-text text description
resourceLink String false External links

Request Example

POST  https://api.renren.com/v2/share/talk/put?access_token={access_token}&ugcOwnerId={ugcOwnerId}&comment={comment}&ugcId={ugcId}&ugcType={ugcType}

Please insert value in "{ }", Notice: We use BearerToken's Query method here, just for convenience, we not recommend this method

Return Results

API returns the format is JSON, developers can choose whether based on actual demand deserialized JSON object of the corresponding type.

Return JSON array with "[]" mark.

Type Description
Integer Send successfully return 1

Error Code

Error Code Error Information
SERVICE_UNAVALIALABLE Server is temporarily unavailable

Look up API Public error codes

Test Interface

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